The common good and satisfaction is our priority. Our mission is to meet your requirements in full by timely deliveries of products that are safe, legal, of the highest quality and at attractive prices, and products that meet your expectations in terms of aesthetics and functionality. We constantly follow trends and research the market to respond to your needs and to introduce new products.

The quality is the virtue of perfection, and although people are imperfect, still, they should pursue perfection.




This goal is achieved by:


  • discovering and forecasting arising needs and expectations of our clients;
  • application of high-quality materials for production;
  • managing all the processes that may influence the quality of products;
  • application and monitoring of preventive and corrective mechanisms;
  • constant improvement of professional qualifications of our employees;
  • immediate and timely execution of orders;
  • introduction of new products of the highest quality to the market;
  • exact determination of responsibility and competences at all levels of management and individual responsibility of employees for quality;
  • consideration for production processes and materials to be eco-friendly.
Certificates and awards


The printing facility POL-MAK has received numerous certificates that prove the highest standards of our work and production.




BRC certificate


Quality Management and Product Safety System, compatible with the requirements of the standard BRC Global Standard Packaging and Packaging Materials, is the system intended for manufacturers of packaging and packaging materials. It is a norm that is acquired and honoured by companies worldwide. BRC sets many requirements that should be met by a company to provide the highest quality and safety of products in offer, among others, owning a HACCP system, owning a Quality Management System, implementation of rules of Good Manufacturing and Hygiene Practice.

POL-MAK, owning a BRC certificate for Packaging, meets qualification requirements as a supplier of products for the most demanding clients.


 EN Certificate Iława napkins
 EN Certificate Batorowo napkins
 EN Certificate plates, cups



FSC Certyficate


FSC® Chain of Custody 98(CoC); it is intended for companies from the paper and wood sector. The Certificate proves that raw materials that are used in a production process come from certified forests of FSC system, and other controlled sources, and the company abide by certain practices determined by FSC in the whole production process and the whole chain of supplies.


FSC certificate, which was implemented by POL-MAK company, allows for supervision over the flow of materials, at each stage of a production chain, and as a result, the sales and marking of products that are manufactured from materials owning FSC® certificate and from other controlled materials. Our products fulfil requirements of the product origin custody, which is confirmed by the FSC certificate.




Ask for certified FSC® products in our offer.




ISO 9001 Certificate Quality Management System

Quality Management System, compatible with the norm ISO 9001:2015 in the field of tissue paper production, aims at the fulfilment of clients’ needs and constant improvement in terms of quality of manufactured products. ISO 9001 is an international norm that determines requirements to be met by any quality management system. The requirements of the certificate ISO 9001:2015, that were implemented by POL-MAK, allow for effective and efficient business activity, stable market position and easy adjustment to changing market conditions.



 PL Certyfikat ISO 9001  EN Certificate ISO 9001



ISO 14001 Certificate Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System allows for the identification of environmental aspects and assessment of the negative influence of the company’s activity on the natural environment. The requirements of ISO 14001:2015 certificate, which were implemented by POL-MAK in the field of tissue paper manufacturing, allow for, among others, regular supervision over activities influencing the environment, faster discovery of incorrectness, less use of raw materials, energy and materials, as well as, the reduction of pollution and waste.



 PL Certyfikat ISO 14001  EN Certificate ISO 14001








Product with an Attest



PZH (polish National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene) certificate, issued for a certain product, confirms its safety for people and/or environment, as long as it is used in line with its purpose and intended use.




 PL / EN PZH certyfikate printing paper napkins
 PL / EN PZH certyfikate paper plates
 PL / EN PZH certyfikate paper cups
 PL / EN PZH certyfikate handcarechiefs tissue
 PL / EN PZH certyfikate toilet paper tissue