Promotional bags

Paper, promotional bag is perfect for packing goods: starting with clothes and footwear, jewellery and electronics, as well. It is also an efficient means of advertisement.
POL-MAK is a leading producer of exclusive bags, made of paper.
The offer for business clients is supplemented by promotional bags. We perform any given prints with offset technique on the whole surface of the bag – inside and outside. You can you a specially prepared die board, adjust a handle for own needs, paper thickness or finishing elements or even choose from 15 standard patterns of bags.

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Promotional napkins

Promotional napkins are the perfect solution for companies, that look for unique solutions to improve brand awareness and promotion of their products. When used during business events and sales promotions, they support the presentation of advertising content.
Among other popular patterns, there are traditional national patterns, images of sights, cities and regions.
For advertising agencies and companies we offer napkins with their company logo on.

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Promotional plates and cups

This offer is also directed to companies and contains disposable dishes with any chosen print of the logo on, or a motif related to a certain event, place, jubilee or party.
Similarly to the napkins – promotional plates and cups are a perfect and unique means of advertisement.

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