OK compost POL-MAK certificate

New: OK compost POL-MAK certificate

We are pleased to announce that, after several months of tissue paper testing and napkins certification, POL-MAK received the following certificates:
OK Compost Home – for napkins made of tissu-paper – confirming the compostability of napkins at home;
OK Compost Industrial – for Airlaid napkins – confirming composting in industrial conditions.

We can produce certified napkins in our factories in Batorowo and Iława.

This means that POL-MAK napkins are a product that, under certain production conditions, meets the compostability requirements.

Such napkins can labeled with:
– “OK compost HOME S1253” – for napkins made of tissue paper, which confirms the compostability of napkins at home.
– “OK compost INDUSTRIAL S1253” – for Airlaid napkins. This label confirms the compostability of napkins in industrial conditions.

certyfikaty OK compost POL-MAK cerificates

There is a code in the logo, on the label. Therefore, you can identify the producer. The POL-MAK code is: S1253.

Thanks to this certificate, we can also marked napkins produced under our clients’ brands, or as advertising materials, with the OK compost label. Of course, after meeting specific production requirements.

More about service production of napkins: here.

Our Sales Representatives and Export Managers provide detailed information on production requirements and product labeling rules.

POL-MAK certificates.