Cooperation with a modern
distribution channel

POL-MAK, as the company with the large production and warehouse facilities, cooperate with retail networks. As a solid business partner, the company warrants flexible access to products and the warehouse and logistic services. We offer products of brand names “Maki” and “Daisy” to our clients, but also the production services according to the guidelines given by a trading network.

Service of production
Our products are of high quality and modern design and they are adjusted to present trends and needs of our clients. Therefore, the rotation on the shop shelves is fast.

Our offer directed to trading networks is characterized by:

  • flexible conditions of cooperation
  • services in terms of production, storage and logistics
  • adjustment of a product to the requirements of trading networks
  • possibility of providing dedicated POS materials for trading networks
  • production of seasonal products
  • exclusive design for a certain trading network
  • complex service and consultancy within technology and the optimization of production costs for the ordered products

Our experience allows us to offer complex solutions to trading networks in the range of the selection and exhibition of products, adjusted to the layout of trading space. Depending on the equipment and the layout of space we may offer the use of:

  • cardboard and perforated collective packaging that allows for the shelf exhibition, adjusted in terms of sizes to the acquired planogram
  • standard metal racks
  • cardboard seasonal display racks
  • additional POS materials to support sales (wobblers, tags)

Catalogue of displays

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