Services for warehouses

The company POL-MAK only works with wholesalers.
We have a network of distributors country-wide. Each of the clients may receive support and consultancy from a respective business representative. During their visits, our business representatives will present our offer, give support with placing the order. They also care for the proper display of our products in a warehouse.
Beyond regular business meetings, we also offer you contacting Customer Service Department, where you can get the necessary information on the product and how to place an order.


constant cooperation
a minimal amount of the order (logistic minimum) is 1 000 PLN net
ordering collective packaging (wholesale)
conditions of payment and rebates discussed individually
shipping free of charge

We encourage retailers to purchase products in the network of warehouses country-wide that cooperate with our company.

Ask where you can buy our products:

Where to buy?


Standard display racks for wholesalers
Wholesale clients may purchase stands and display racks for brand names “Maki” and “Daisy”, which support the sales and functionality of the products exhibition.




Orders for display racks are placed at:
Customer Service Department
tel.: +48 61 654 55 55
fax. +48 61 654 55 52

Catalogue of displays

Orders and deliveries (Poland)
Orders are processed within about 2-3 working days.
We take orders by phone, e-mail or fax.

Orders are delivered by DHL courier services.
We pay the cost of shipping.

Customer Service Department
tel.: +48 61 654 55 55
fax: +48 61 654 55 52
e-mail: zamó

Complaints (Poland)
We care about the highest quality of our products and logistic services. If the products that were delivered to you, do not meet your expectations, please notify a complaint giving all the necessary information for its further consideration. The detailed conditions of a complaint in relation to both products and logistic services are given here:
Complaints and returns

Contact for making a complaint:
Trading Department
tel.: +48 61 654 55 60
fax: +48 61 654 55 35

Returns (Poland)
We provide our wholesale clients with the possibility to return original, undamaged, selected or seasonal products within certain time periods. Detailed conditions for returns are given here::

terms of complaints & returns

complaint protocol

Contact for returns:
Returns Department
Zakład Poligraficzny POL-MAK
ul. Stefana Batorego 93, 62-080 Batorowo
tel.: +48 61 654 55 60