Tissue paper in jumbo rolls

Tissue paper in jumbo rolls

The tissue paper in jumbo rolls produced at our plant in Ilawa meets the highest standards. The technological capabilities of POL-MAK's state-of-the-art machinery allow us to produce raw material for napkins, toilet paper, kitchen towels as well as special papers such as filters or medical pads. To meet our customers' needs, we are able to create a product in a very large range of grammages, i.e. from 11 to 32 grams, as well as in a wide range of functional properties. Deciding to purchase blotting paper from POL-MAK, customers are assured of receiving a product that complies with the most stringent quality standards of FSC, BRC or ISO.

Why exactly
our products?

the highest quality products, a wide selection of designs

popular thematic collections

BRC certificate for the production of napkins, plates and cups

100% certified raw materials

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