We are pleased to announce that POL-MAK received the following certificates:

OK Compost Home – for napkins made of tissu-paper – confirming the compostability of napkins at home;

OK Compost Industrial – for Airlaid napkins – confirming composting in industrial conditions.

More info about quality of our products, you will find here:
POL-MAK catalogues
Decorate, Arrange, Play! Check what will be fashionable at Christmas 2020!

New catalogues:
"Christmas 2020"
"Napkins Daisy Christmas 2020"
"Napkins Maki Christmas 2020"
"Wrapping-papers Collection Christmas 2020"
and many more, you will find here:
POL-MAK catalogues
For 34 years we have offered the products of the highest quality! POL-MAK is a family company. In 2017 we opened our factory in Iława city and, presently, we own three production plants.
Thanks to your trust we are one of the biggest manufacturers of decorative paper articles such as napkins, paper plates and cups, paper decorative bags, greeting cards, and others.
It is more and more popular to organise parties such as barbecues, picnics, garden parties, and kinder balls and others. We are happy to offer a wider and wider range of sets. A big plate, a small plate, a cup and a napkin in the same stylistics, they will give character to such meetings.
POL-MAK sets
POL-MAK Catalogs
Decorate, Arrange, Have fun!

Latest catalogs:
"Communion 2021"
"Daisy Napkins"
"Maki Napkins"
"2021 Sets"

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POL-MAK in numbers

The POL-MAK company has operated home and abroad for 34 years. We have built three factories of the total surface equalling 25 000 m2. We have 4000 different products, for different occasions, in our offer.

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